Course: Basic Expedition Leadership Award
Adventure Dolphin offers training courses for the Level 2 Assistant Lowland Expedition Leadership (ALEL) and the Level 3 Lowland Expedition (LEL) Leader through Sports Leaders UK.

It is designed for all with a responsibility for looking after others (particularly young people), or those who wish to train others in carrying out different types of expeditions including camping. It is a well recognised qualification for teachers who work in youth clubs and DofE Centres.

Training includes:
•    Leading walking groups in lowland countryside;
•    Teaching the knowledge and skills needed to undertake a day walk;
•    Having responsibility for others, while leading a day walk in the countryside;
•    Planning and leading overnight base and mobile camps.

Typically, the courses involve attending a number of evening and weekend sessions and a final assessment weekend.
Grants may be available to DofE leaders who volunteer in West Berkshire.

•    Level 2 you must be 15 years of age on course start and there are no pre-requirements
•    Level 3 you must be a minimum of 17 years (18 at qualification). there is no upper age limit
•    There is no prior knowledge or skill needed just a passion for the outdoors and some walking fitness
•    Although a First Aid Certificate is not required to gain the qualification it is highly recommended and may be mandatory depending on the organisation you work with.

More detailed information about the award can be found at:  Alternatively, you can contact one of our volunteer leaders on email: or call: 0118 440 3038.

Course Dates:
Starts January 2018 – dates TBC – Eight Tuesday evenings and two weekends

For further information email: