MiDAS minibus courses

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Introduction, what is it?

MiDAS, the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, is a programme developed to enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of the individuals who drive minibuses in the course of their work or on a voluntary basis.

The scheme has resulted from a detailed study of minibus driving and a lengthy period of consultation with voluntary and statutory groups which operate minibuses. MiDAS is designed to make appropriate assessment, training and accreditation available to minibus drivers from voluntary organisations, schools, colleges, and local authorities at a local level.

Objectives of MiDAS

The objectives of MiDAS are that minibus drivers will:

  • be assessed to ensure their driving skills are of an acceptable standard
  • be given help where necessary to improve their minibus driving skills
  • be aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding minibus driving
  • be trained in the safe use of accessible minibuses where necessary
  • receive a certificate which is accepted by other MiDAS members


Potential Benefits of MiDAS

  • enhanced passenger safety
  • improved passenger comfort
  • increased driver confidence
  • reduced driver stress
  • potential reduction in vehicle operating costs
  • enhancement of the operating organisations image
  • generally an overall better image for minibuses and their drivers