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New Paddler Pathway Evening Courses, 6/7 weeks for 2015

Adventure Dolphin have developed and will be trialling a new series of evening canoeing courses aimed at developing your paddling skills. In previous years the courses have tended to set an expectation that at the end of say a 6/7 week course paddlers would be immediately ready for their BC (British Canoeing) assessments. From the feedback we have received it is clear that some paddlers have felt under pressure to take these assessments. These new Paddler Pathway courses are aimed at making the whole learning experience more enjoyable and stress free with the assessments (apart from the British Canoeing 1 star (Beginners)), arranged on separate date for when you are ready to take the assessment.


Paddler Pathway Courses

In the order of progression and development through the Paddler Pathway courses...


"Introduction to Paddling"

Short course for the complete beginner introducing various type of 'canoeing'. At the end of this course participants should have achieved a British Canoeing "Start" award.


"Beginners Paddling"

Learn the basic techniques and be ready for your British Canoeing 1 star award assessment (included).


"1 Star Plus" / Refresher

Having picked up the basics this is aimed at developing your paddling using different craft. This course is recommended if you did a beginners award last year and have not really paddled since or if you did not pass your 1 star assessment.


"Improvers - Kayak" and "Improvers - Open Canoe"

These two courses take your basic techniques and turns them into skills ready to be used in different kayaking or open canoeing situations. It is strongly recommended that both courses be taken before considering their 2 star assessment.


Following the completion of these two "Improver" courses, and having completed at least one 1 hour journey, you should now be ready for your 2 star or PaddlePower "Discover" assessment.


"Paddler Pathway Plus" / Refresher

Continuing your development you will expand your skills in different craft and disciplines. If you completed an Improvers course last year or a two star skills course, but have not passed your two star assessment, and have not really paddled since then this is possibly the courses for you.


"Foundation Safety & Rescue"

Learn essential rescue skills to enable you to rescue fellow paddlers and others in a variety of situations.


"Gateway" Paddling - Sea Kayak, White water, Touring and Open Canoe

Courses designed to give you technical and tactical skills to allow you to start developing your paddling in chosen and more advanced settings. Taking this course will help you work towards the British Canoeing 3 Star Award in one of the following disciplines: Sea Kayaking; White Water, Touring or Open Canoeing.

With additional practice and having completed three 3 hour trips in the related environment then you should be considering taking your British Canoeing 3 Star assessment.